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Ag Training

Operations Training

We provide CASA-approved training for Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Multi Rotors and Powered Lift up to 25kg. Need heavier? No problem, we can assist you! We also offer ReOC, AROC/ELP and IREX training for EVLOS/BVLOS requirements.

RePL Training

We provide CASA approved training for all types of drones up to 7kg and/or 25kg weight.  In the sub 150kg category, we provide CASA approved type training for Multi Rotors, including manufacturer training for DJI, XAG, Brouav, and AE.

Ag Operations Training

We are able to provide manufacturer and operations training on DJI, XAG, Brouav and AE drones, to name a few.  Turn Ag into Au with our Ag focused ReOC 's and post purchase training.