Precision Agriculture Operations

We conduct Precision Agriculture Operations using the power of AI and E/BVLOS on our AG drones (Multi Rotor, Helicopter, Aeroplane and Powered Lift)

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Ag Drones

We supply the DJI Enterprise and AGRAS drones, as well as aeroplanes, helicopters and powered lift custom built drones. XAG will be available soon too.

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Ag Swarming and Night Operations

We operate multiple drones covering larger areas in a shorter time frame. We also conduct Night Operations as required, in accordance with EPA regulations.

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Maintenance and Repairs

We are DJI certified to maintain and repair DJI AGRAS drones, plus we offer the same service for our custom drones, and soon XAG.

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Operational, RePL and Type Training

We provide RePL sub 25kg training and sub 150kg Type Certification on the DJI AGRAS Series and other manufacturers, as well as Ag operator training.

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Ag Specific ReOC’s and Support

With over 60 CASA approved AG procedures for ReOC holders, we are well prepared to create or update your ReOC manual to Ag standards for any drone.

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Our services...

Wicked Copters has been involved in the Digital Farming and Precision Agriculture industry since the design of our first beneficial bug dropping drone 10 years ago. Since then we have progressed with Environmental Monitoring, 3D Mapping, Weed and Pest Control, and Sustainable / Organic Farming.

Broad Acre Crop Spraying

Seeding and Spreading

Fertiliser Spreading

Liquid Fertiliser Spraying

Beneficial Bug Dropping

AG Swarm Operations

Night Baiting Operations