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Precision Ag Ops

Remote Sensing

Our drones are equipped with sensors to capture high-resolution images of the vegetation and crops. These images are post processed for crop health, pest infestations, and overall field / weed conditions.

Variable Rate Spraying

VRT allows us to apply fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides aand fungicides at variable rates across the crop based on remote sensing analysis.

Variable Rate Spreading

We are able to spread seeds and granules (nutrients or bait) at variable rates optimising plant density and historical yield data, or controlling feral animals.


We have approvals for flying multiple drones at a time and in accordance with EPA requirements, doubling, tripling or quadrupling your coverage per hour.

Data Analytics and Support Systems

We use Farm Management Software and Platforms that integrate data from various sources to help our clients make informed decisions about planting, harvesting, and resource allocation. Our Predictive Analytics algorithms analyse historical data to help predict crop yields, disease outbreaks, and optimal planting times.

Crop Monitoring

We supply regular flyovers for clients for crop monitoring of health, infestations or overall field conditions, including erosion and water runoff.